The Shamrock School of Irish Step Dance was founded in 1973 in Denver, Colorado.  The school now resides in Minnesota and offers both competitive and performance Irish Dance.  We compete in most local and national level Feiseanna (Irish Dance competitions) and perform throughout the year in the metro and other cities.  Classes are given in all levels of instruction. Our list of performances include Irish Fair, Renaissance Festival, The Landmark Center, Weddings, DisneyWorld, TV Appearances, Schools, Malls, and Local, Civic, and Community and Sporting Events.  The group can be booked for performance appearances.  Please contact us if you are interested in having our group perform at your event.

Your teacher, Rachel Knutson, is a second-generation Irish descendant.  Rachel's love of Irish dance and training started at the tender age of 3 while dancing the Irish Jig with her grandmother in her kitchen in Ireland.  She followed in her mother's footsteps, (no pun intended!), since her love of dance grew with each step she was taught first by her mother, then by several prominent teachers in Irish, Tap and Ballet.  Her mother, May Buckley, from Dublin, Ireland,  had a long established career in both tap & ballet, chorus line, and of course - Irish Dance.  May took Irish Dance lessons from the renown Lilly Comerford and her additional Tap and Ballet from Connie Ryan in Dublin when she was a small girl.  She then went on to dance as a Royalette at the Theater Royle in Dublin.   May came to the United States as a war-bride and started her own dance school.  Rachel continued her Irish Dance career by becoming a T.C.R.G. - a certified Irish Dance Instructor from the Commission of Irish Dance in Dublin.  This involved passing a three day long examination in all aspects of Irish Music and Dance.  She has danced with notable musicians such as the Chieftains and has taught Irish Dance for over 26 years and has produced many accomplished Irish Dancers and Irish Dance teachers especially in the Denver area from where she hailsShe is widely respected for her innovative choreography while still maintaining the tradition and beauty of Irish Dance. The Shamrock School established the first feis (Irish Dance Competition) in Estes Park, CO and Minnesota - Twin Cities Feile . Rachel loves enstilling the art and passion for  Irish Dance in her students and motivating them  to reach their full potential. Additionally, she has a post-baccalaureate degree in Elementary Education from the University of MN and a degree in Biology from University of Colorado. 

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New Beginners ages 4 and up classes start in April/May and October.   We do not teach adults at this time.